Angle Iron, also known as angle bars or L-brackets, are usually very long, flat metal struts shaped in the form of a 90 degree fold or “L” that can also be bolted together, and LABCO Welding offers a wide variety of angle iron fabrication.

Its main usage is in the construction field, since iron serves as the skeletal framework of any structure. Angle irons’ dimensions are measured in the following order: width, height and depth. Angle iron materials include brass, aluminum, iron and steel. Steel and iron angle irons are abundantly used, while brass and aluminum are also used in the fabrication process of angle iron. When a structure’s reinforcement is highly visible, brass angle irons may be used as a light, load bearing material for aesthetics.

Customers may need to use angle iron because of its versatile uses during construction of a house or other building. The relationship between the dimension of an angle iron and its load bearing capacity as can be seen in its extensive use in commercial settings; the larger the angle iron, the greater its load-bearing capacity.

They are commonly used for reinforcement of gym floors, drawer slides, studs, joists and expansion and control joints.

Due to its importance, customers should only trust the professionals of LABCO Welding for their angle iron fabrication needs.