Alloy Steel Welding CT

Alloy Steel Welder in CT

The job of welding alloy steel is a major & challenging proposition that needs understanding and preparation. One of the main reasons that alloy steel welding is as complex as it is, is that Heat Treatable, Quenched and Tempered Alloy Steels are susceptible to cracking, if suitable precautions are not put in place. 

LABCO has over 45 years of experience and the equipment needed for Alloy Steel Welding in CT.

Why Use Alloy Steel? 

Alloy Steels are materials made of special compositions, developed to permit the deployment of elevated mechanical properties. These make them the most suitable selection for important applications like bridges, high-rise towers and lifting equipment. The Manipulation of Chemical Composition is also what gives Alloy Steels the versatility to become capable of displaying specific characteristics by undergoing suitable thermal treatments.

By utilizing the most out of improved strength, hardness, ductility and impact resistance through innovative design, it is possible to build lighter structures with considerable economical gains.

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